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What are the Qualifications + Requirements? (include but are not limited to)

Applicants must be at least 18 to 35 years old and have turned in an internship application at the cost of $50 (non-refundable) to be considered a spot in the interview process, have consented to a background check, and be willing to participate in the interview process as well as sign liability and confidentiality forms. Applicants must be fully willing to support the mission and values of Cross Church.

Are previous skills required?

With TRACKS playing a major part in the internship, competency in your chosen TRACK is highly recommended and taken into account before final decisions have been made.

Is the internship held online or in-person?

SQUAD will only be held in-person and on-site at Cross Church San Benito, Texas, United States.

Do I need to be a member of Cross Church to participate in this internship?

No! What makes SQUAD special is that anyone who is a member of Cross Church or from another church can be part of this internship. However, if you are selected and choose to be a Cross Church intern, you are required to make Cross Church your current church (attend and serve) for the entirety of the internship. After that, you are more than welcomed to go back to your previous church or stay at Cross Church. We are not trying to take anyone from their church. Our goal is to discover, develop, and deploy you wherever God takes you. 

What is the first and last day of the internship?

Interns will be starting the internship on August 30, 2023 and ends on May 5, 2024.

What language will the internship be held in?

The internship will be primarily done in English without translation. However, since Cross Church is a multi-cultural church, there will be many moments where interns will have to interact with English and Spanish speakers or themselves having to speak the language. We do encourage you to not let this hinder you from applying as the internship could help you grow in English and Spanish.

Do I need transportation?

Due to the responsibilities as an intern here at Cross Church, you are expected to have a reliable form of transportation since Cross Church will not be providing that for you.

Will I receive a paycheck or benefits?

No, this internship program is currently unpaid and on a voluntary basis. Interns are not employees or independent contractors. No wages, insurance, or other compensatory benefits will be provided.

Can I seek outside employment or schooling during the internship?

Outside employment and schooling is possible if the hours can be adjusted around the internship and does not conflict with the intern’s responsibilities from the internship. It is the expectation of the internship that you are able to meet all of the ministry expectations and time requirements even if you are working or studying. 

What is the weekly schedule for the internship?

SQUAD is a part-time internship occurring Wednesday–Thursday from 9am-3pm, including Sundays 8am-2pm. However, due to the nature of ministry, days and hours may vary and interns are required to be available and present for Cross Church events.

Is there housing available?

No, we do not currently provide apartment housing for our interns. Interns are responsible for lodging and all personal necessities. However, we have an amazing Cross Church family and would do our best to get you a room.

Should I raise money?

Interns are encouraged to fundraise, raise support, and save money to help you be prepared to cover any expenses they may incur while participating in the internship.

Are there any educational requirements?

No, but come with a willingness to be discovered, developed, and deployed.

Can I receive school credit?

At this time we do not offer school credit.

Will I get time off?

Interns are allowed a certain amount of time off. If an intern needs to take time off, he/she will need to request time off in advance for approval. However, time off is not permitted for specific blackout dates.

Should I expect to get a job at Cross Church at the end of my internship?

The goal of this internship is to help discover, develop, and deploy young professionals as Christ-followers. This internship is not about a job and employment at Cross Church is never a guarantee. This program is about being willing to serve, learn, and grow as a Christian and leader. However, interns could be given the opportunity to interview for staff roles after the duration of their internship.

If you have any more questions not listed here, please contact:

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