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Look at what we did
TOGETHER in 2021!

The end of 2021 is quickly approaching and we are in awe of all
God has done in the lives of our Cross Church family and communities.


Our mission is to Help People Cross Over from Sin & Death to New Life in
Christ and because YOU said YES to this vision, you enabled us to make a huge eternal  impact. 


Let's take a look at some of what we were able to accomplish
thanks to your faithfulness, commitment, and support!

Our 2021 in Review




Over 450 people gave their life to Christ this year!





Over 250 people publicly expressed their salvation through water baptisms across all our campuses.


Child Dedications

Over 150 children were dedicated to the Lord across all our campuses.






First Time Guests

Over 1,800 New Guests attended Cross Church!

Serve Team

Over 275 members have joined our Serve Team this year; bringing our total to over 760 Serve Team Members  across all of our campuses!

Conference Attendance

From our conferences this year, we served over 7,000 people in attendance.

Unity In Community

This year, Cross Church partnered with various organizations locally and internationally, to help impact the lives of those most in need. It is a privilege to partner alongside organizations that love God and have a passion to see people cross over from sin and death to new life in Christ. Here are just a few of our partners that have made a difference in the local community thanks to your faithful generosity!

Convoy of Hope

Through Convoy of Hope:
- Over 387,000 Children were fed every school day
- Over 5.5 Million survivors were served in response to 62 disasters
- Over 200 Million meals distributed in response to Covid-19
You make stories like this POSSIBLE!

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Through Watoto:
- Over 3,000 Children are being raised.
- Children are provided a home, education, medical care, and loving families.

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