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Online Campus Pastor

The Online Campus Pastor role is to supervise the overall production and distribution of online services and content of Cross Church.

The Pastor ensures compliance with best practices.


- Great Personality and Team Builder
- Self Motivated and Project Driven

- Catalytic Leader

Creatively develop new ways

to engage members of Cross Church through online platforms.


Campus Pastor

As the Campus Pastor, you'll hold the pivotal role of shaping and inspiring our congregation through exceptional leadership, team-building skills, effective communication, and meaningful relationships. Collaborating closely with our Senior Pastor, Sr. Executive Pastor, and fellow Campus Pastors, you'll play a crucial part in bringing Cross Church's vision to life. 

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Interact with community to provide presence to the city and area for Cross Church and on behalf of Senior Pastor.

  • Lead and oversee the campus by upholding the overall vision and values as well as the spiritual and cultural DNA of the Church.

  • Lead and oversee the Campus Leadership Team at your campus and work with them to build serve teams who will carry out the ministry of the church to impact the entire community.

Please include resume & portfolio with your application or for more information submit to


Finance Director

The Finance Director’s role is to supervise the overall financial department of Cross Church by managing general accounting functions, including general ledger, payroll, billing/accounts receivable, accounts payable and fixed assets.  The Director also ensures compliance with best practices.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Contribute fully to the development of company strategy across all areas of the business, challenging assumptions and decision-making as appropriate and providing financial analysis and guidance on all activities, plans, targets and business drivers.

  • Ensure that company financial systems are robust, compliant and support current activities and future growth.

  • Ensure corporate budgeting processes are carried out and reviewed.

Please include resume & portfolio with your application or for more information submit to


Next Gen Director

Striving to offer inclusive ministry services to youths across the entire spectrum. The Next Gen Director shall have oversight of all youth ministries and shall be responsible to the Executive Director of Central Ministries. The Next Gen Director will have primary responsibility for youth and be accountable at Cross Church Student Center Ministries. To that end, they will work to foster an affection for Christ above all else, knowledge of the Bible and what it means to be a Christian, and practical skills for our youth in areas of personal discipleship, evangelism, and works of service.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Develop and implement strategic plans to oversee the holistic growth and developmentof the next generation within the organization.

  • Lead, mentor, and provide guidance to youth leaders and volunteers, ensuring alignment with organizational goals and values.

  • Design and execute engaging programs, events, and initiatives catered to various age groups within the next generation demographic.

Please include resume & portfolio with your application or for more information submit to


Central Media Director

The Central Media Director works directly under the supervision of the Executive Team.  The Central Media Director is responsible for providing leadership and oversight over the entire media department across all campuses for Cross Church.  This role plays a vital part in making sure that Cross Church Media is operating at the highest standards of excellence and execution.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Oversees all media departments across all campuses of Cross Church and works to Media Directors from each campus.

  • Train, motivate, grow and evaluate media team members and directors.

  • Coordinates the details and provides the leadership for Livestream to other campuses as well as online.

Please include resume & portfolio with your application or for more information submit to


First Impressions Director

The First Impression Central Director is responsible for overseeing the overall guest service experience at all Campuses. This leader is responsible to help create a welcoming and hospitable environment for members and guests that can be applied at all Cross Church Campuses. The person in this role leads our four key areas that execute the first impressions system of the church. Parking, Greeter, Usher, and Café Teams are the responsibility for the person filling this role. Additionally, this leader will oversee and ensure an excellent online experience for our online audience for our Online Campus.

  • Works with Volunteer Campus Leaders to ensure all Parking, Greeter, Usher, and Café Teams are trained to be successful at all services and events by providing an excellent and enjoyable experience to church members and guests.

  • Trains teams on hospitality, customer care best practices, safety, service protocols, ministry playbooks and ensures all First Impressions Teams are working in unison at every Cross Church Campus.

  • Provides each First Impressions Campus Leader with ongoing support ensuring that they each have the proper dress attire, ministry supplies, equipment and oversee the care, management, storage and inventory of such equipment and supplies.


(956) 399-5590

Cross Church does not discriminate in employment opportunities or practices on the basis of race, color, sex, national origin, age, disability, or any other characteristic protected by law as it applies to churches. Cross Church does not discriminate on the basis of religion.

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